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Health: I Say ‘Yes’ to a Diet

Regular readers will have picked up on the fact that I’m doing WeightWatchers.  Dedicated readers will remember that I said ‘No’ to diets a while ago.  So I’ve gone back on my word.  Why?

Quite simply, I need an external brake to help me change some old and entrenched habits.  As I’ve said previously, I’ve been treated for Binge Eating Disorder and, while I no longer meet the criteria for that condition, I still ‘enjoy’ eating way more than I need sometimes.  I especially like the ‘warm, sleepy puppy’ feeling of an over-full tummy at bedtime.  I’m no longer compulsive about my over-eating – there isn’t the same sense of urgency when I over-eat.  I also don’t tend to eat emotionally any more although I still find food comforting.  But I do eat when I’m not hungry – I might be tired, bored or just like the taste of my latest kitchen creation.  I don’t have normal feelings of hunger and satiety (although I think these are starting to come back) and really have no clue how much food is reasonable for a 44 year old, 5’1″ woman either at one meal or over the course of a day.

I could get my brake simply from counting calories but I prefer WW.  Out of all the diets I’ve tried (and believe me, I’ve tried them all) this is the one that suits my body best.  It’s high protein, low fat and low sugar and my body likes this.  I like the website.  There’s a local meeting.  It’s flexible rather than dictatorial.  And it rewards physical activity thereby encouraging the Ankle of Doom and I to move more.

So I’m saying ‘Yes’ to the diet that’s right for me today.


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