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Health: Processed Food

I’ve written about processed foods several times in the past.  As I recommence Eating with Integrity, I’m going to do it again because the past few months have shown me once again how much my mouth likes them while my body doesn’t!

While I was recovering from surgery, I was on the Ready-meal Diet.  And then, as my mental health deteriorated, I moved onto the Delivery-pizza Diet.  I don’t recommend you try either.  I gained weight.  I craved sugar, salt and fat.  My skin still looks horrible just now (and, no, I’m not going to post a picture!)  My bowels were … umm, unhappy in various ways.  And, worst of all, I lacked energy and motivation for even the most basic tasks.

The most frightening thing about it all, however, was the way that I found it was taking more and more of this processed junk to satisfy my appetite.  I started with one medium pizza.  By the time I said ‘Enough now!’ I had developed my habit to a large pizza and two desserts and could still have eaten more a short while later.  Sometimes I even ordered twice in once day …

Is processed food addictive?  I’d suggest that it could be for me.  I do have what some Doctors describe as ‘an addictive personality.’  Which is why I stopped it a couple of weeks ago – I don’t want to prove myself right.

My appetite is now going back to normal.  I’m losing weight and my cravings have diminished again.  My body is a lot happier without it and, although my mouth missed it for a while, proper food is starting to taste good.  I’m confident that my other complaints will calm down given time and care and, indeed, they are beginning to.

I’m not saying ‘never again’ to pizza.  Or dessert.  As an occasional treat, I think they’re fine.  But I’ve had an eating disorder diagnosed in the past (although, thankfully, I no longer meet the criteria) and I don’t want to walk that road again.  The excellent medical treatment I’ve received means that, today, I have a choice.  And my choice is to Eat with Integrity because, at the end of the day, that’s what will make me happy.


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