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Review: How to Read your Way to Heaven by Vicki Burbach

I saw Vicki interviewed on EWTN over the Easter weekend and just had to get her book.  I read it in less than 24 hours and have started to do as she suggests and get down to some serious spiritual reading.

Like me, Vicki read and read and read about her faith but without any real structure to her reading.  She found (again, like me) that this meant she tended not to implement many (any?) of the good intentions she acquired from her reading so didn’t really grow despite being a very well-read Catholic.  Let’s face it, there are so many wonderful books out there and I have a tendency to be blown from one to the next with very little thinking time in between reads.

How to Read your Way to Heaven offers a new-to-me approach.  Instead of just reading freely during spiritual reading time, the book contains a plan.  In fact, it contains three – a one-year, a three-year and a five-year plan.  Each plan allows for about 30 minutes of reading, five days a week which isn’t such a huge commitment, especially once you learn to be a little flexible and not tie yourself up in the check-boxes.  Vicki says herself that, although she broadly sticks to the program, the five-year plan took her longer than that to complete due to pressures of life, other reading projects, etc.  The important thing is to read intentionally and to keep going through the inevitable difficulties.

I have begun the five-year plan as it is, obviously, the most comprehensive.  At the moment, this means reading a chapter of Matthew, a bit of the Catechism and a bit of Rome Sweet Home each day.  I’m making some notes and highlighting as I go and am enjoying my reading.  It’s early days and Miss All-or-nothing would like to race ahead and start checking off all those lovely little boxes but five years is a long time.  I’m pacing myself.  And that means I also have time for other things 🙂


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