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Health: Off the scales

It has long been my custom to weigh myself first thing every morning and write the number on a calendar.  When my focus was on weight-loss I found that very motivating.  A bit too motivating when it was paired with attending a slimming club and I was restricting or fasting.

The scales are now broken as is the habit.  And I won’t be replacing them.  I won’t be re-establishing the habit even though it was gratifying to watch the numbers go down and down.

The number on the scales does matter.  It’s a guide to health.  It can tell me that something needs to change.  But it can also be a tyrant.  And I don’t need a tyrant sitting at the foot of my bed.

I do, however, need to know what I weigh.  So I’m going to ask my CPN to weigh me each month when I see her.  She’s offered to do this for me in the past and it’s time to take her up on her offer.


2 thoughts on “Health: Off the scales

  1. Good idea. I’m overweight myself. One time I didn’t eat for two days and just drank Diet Coke. I got on the scale and hadn’t lost a pound. I got a big hammer and smashed the scale. Lol I haven’t weighed myself since.


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