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It’s a Conspiracy!

I’ve heard it at slimming clubs.  I’ve read about it in books.  I’ve seen it on the internet.

The food industry is conspiring to keep us fat!  The food industry is against us!  The food industry is out to kill us all!

The food industry, and by that I specifically mean the processed food industry, exists to make money.  It does not care if you are fat or thin so long as you keep buying.  If you are fat and want to lose weight, it can provide a ‘diet’ option.  It may charge more for this.  If you are thin and want to gain weight, it can provide an ‘enriched’ option.  It may charge more for this.

The food industry does not have a duty of care to you.  It’s purpose is to manufacture it’s products as cheaply as possible, sell them as high as it can and bank the difference.  If you are short of funds, it can provide a cheaper option.  It may include less nutrition in this.  If you’re feeling lush, it can provide a luxury option.  It may include more additives in this.

The food industry is obligated to abide by legislation passed by the representatives you have elected.  It is also obligated to abide by market forces – if it’s products don’t sell it must change in order to maintain profits.

The food industry can reformulate, advertise and discount to keep you buying it’s products.  But it can’t force you to put it’s products in your basket, your mouth or your stomach.  It’s not a conspiracy.  It’s just business doing what business does.  And we’ve bought into it.  We like the convenience.  We like the tastes produced by chemical additives.  We like the instant hit of carbs and fat.  And, yes, sometimes people like me find that they can’t stop the mouthful that follows the mouthful and are always hungry for more.  But it’s not a conspiracy.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Conspiracy!

  1. You are very right… It’s not a conspiracy as such. But what is a conspiracy is the fact that, especially in the US, companies are lobbying the government to change laws to allow them to do what they want to, additives and the like.

    Here in the UK we are not as bad, although it isn’t so good either. The people behind the marketing are very clever and know just how to push your average persons buttons to make them buy their products.

    But in the end, you are right on the button, only we control what we buy.

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