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Review: Jael’s Story by Ann Burton

Jael isn’t mentioned largely in the Bible.  She’s the girl who drove a tent peg through a General’s temple thus saving the day for the Israelites.  I don’t know if you remember?  I have to confess I didn’t before reading this book.  Now I’ve read it, I’ll never forget her.

Ann has vividly imagined a story for Jael from childhood, through that fateful day and into old age.  Now, it’s an imagining.  She doesn’t claim divine inspiration at all.  But, so far as possible and given that we don’t know very much about Jael, she’s stuck with the facts.

I wasn’t really looking forward to reading this book.  I thought it would be preachy and dull and, besides, I’m a New Testament kind of girl.  In fact, I was very quickly drawn into the action by Ann’s excellent characterisation and plotting.  I think even someone with no interest in religion would enjoy this book.  Read it for a look at women’s place in society in times long past.  Read it for a story of good triumphing over evil.  Read it for the joy of a well written book.  And enjoy.


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