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The Three Whys

I’ve been reading 🙂  And I’ve scheduled reviews of the books to be published here over the next few days.  As I wrote, however, I realised that I wasn’t talking so much about the quality of the writing or the information given but more about the effect each book had had on me and how I was applying the information to my life.  To put them in context, I feel that some words of explanation are needed before the ‘reviews’ come out.

The books are Christian fiction and non-fiction.  The non-fictions are Catholic.  I know that I have followers from various faiths and no faith at all so I’d like to take a little time to explain:

  • Why I am a Christian.
  • Why I am a Catholic.
  • Why I am a blogger.

Each of the three whys overlaps with the others but I think the structure will work.  It’ll also break one big, overwhelming ramble into neat little packages for easy reading and writing 🙂  And, speaking of which, I’d like the first post to come out tomorrow so I’d better get typing!


One thought on “The Three Whys

  1. I’m glad I found your blog! I am Christian as of seven years ago. Catholic or Protestant we have the golden ticket of belief and the security of knowing we are loved and forgiven! Nice to meet you!


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