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Living the Healthy Life

Long-time readers of my various blogs may remember that last year I worked (and blogged) my way through Jessica Sepel’s excellent book ‘The Healthy Life.’  I was going through a difficult medication change at the time and found it really helpful to have something else to focus on.  I also discovered, as I made changes to my lifestyle and diet that I was feeling great!

Since then, a lot has happened.  I’ve kept up with some good habits, acquired some bad ones and dropped the bits that weren’t helpful for me.  I now feel it’s time for an overhaul and Jess has, with perfect timing, released a new book ‘Living the Healthy Life’ which promises to be just as good as her previous work.

It’s my intention to work (and blog) my way through the new book, taking what I want and leaving the rest.  I don’t agree with all that Jess writes but I do find her whole ethos of health and balance helpful and she really is a mine of good information on all aspects of health and nutrition.  You may not agree with all I write but I hope you’ll be inspired to begin (or continue) your own journey into good health and beyond.


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