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Ankle of Doom – Surgery Update

So I met my Terrible Fate on Thursday, 12th January.  All went well until after the operation when I found that I simply could not sleep.  The nursing staff were great and brought me painkillers and cups of tea but they seemed to be out of sleep.  At any rate, I couldn’t find any.

The next day, the Physiotherapist visited and got me up on my crutches at 50% weight bearing.  I was really pleased about this as I’d expected to be totally non-weight bearing.  But there was a fly in the ointment – bed rest!  So I went home and went to bed.

The next twelve days were pretty miserable.  I survived on ready-meals (let’s talk one day about what that stuff doesn’t do for your digestion), morphine and lots and lots of sleep but, by the time I was due to see the surgeon for my post-op checkup I was getting pretty desperate.  I was bored, I was in pain, I was frustrated, and I was constipated.  I couldn’t settle to do any of the lying-down with leg elevated activities I’d planned and spent most of the day before my evening appointment in tears.  I remember writing on a FaceBook support group that I just didn’t think I could take another four weeks of this.

Good news was just around the corner, however.  My mother offered to come home from Spain for a few days (thanks, Mum!) and my surgeon was well enough pleased with my progress to let me ditch the crutches and bed rest provided I stayed in my moon boot.  ‘Sounds like a good deal to me,’ I said and started picking up my life again.

Today, nearly three weeks post-op, I’m a much happier girl.  I’m off morphine and tapering off the codeine which replaced it.  I’m eating properly (thanks, Mum!) and, although I’m still very tired, I’m doing a mix of seated and more active activities around the house.  I’ve been outside a couple of times (wow, that was scary!) and am ready for the next phase:  Recovery!


10 thoughts on “Ankle of Doom – Surgery Update

  1. They gave you morphine but they didn’t give you something to help with the constipation? Seems strange. One of the big problems of morphine is that it constipates you. The bed rest wouldn’t help either!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better though!


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