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The Squirrel of Judgement


Saw this wee guy and Facebook today.  He made me giggle.  Then he made me feel slightly guilty.  And then he made me think.

Have I created art today?  Well, I haven’t done any quilting.  I forgot to draw a cloud symbol in my BuJo to mark tomorrow’s weather.  My handwriting isn’t at the calligraphy stage yet.  I can’t be bothered putting my makeup on even though I’m going out tonight and nor have I written any poetry.

But what is art?  Is art writing a letter to a new friend who’s feeling down and making sure it was posted tonight?  Is art doing a bit of decluttering to make my home pleasant?  Is art writing a blog post?  Is art trying to be a nice, compassionate human being in a sometimes cold and unfeeling world?

I’d say it is.


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