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#planwithmechallenge – Tracking


It’s a learning process, right?  And, when it comes to tracking, I’m right at the start.  I tried a little bit last month and gave up after a few days.  This month, I’m trying again.  I’m kinda happy with my layout although it needs some major upgrading at the next attempt and I am managing to fill it out daily (thus far).  My main problem seems to be that I don’t really know what I want to track.  What seemed important on Monday has been sidelined by today.  Experience tells me that this will settle given time and perseverance.


8 thoughts on “#planwithmechallenge – Tracking

  1. I have a horrible cold right now. My tracker would say: Laundry, try to sleep, lunch for Mom, try to sleep, dinner for mom and husband, try to sleep. Lol I’ve been sleeping sitting up on sofa because my asthma is worse with this cold. 3 nights – I’m so tired.


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