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Patchwork Pocket Pinny


I find when I’m sewing that I tend to get covered in threads so when I came to this project in The Art of Quilting, I decided it would be idea as a ‘sewing apron’.  This would also be my most technical project to date and the closest to an actual garment.  I didn’t realise when I started quite how challenging it would be – and that’s probably just as well!  If I’d read the instructions and realised I’d have to learn two new skills at once then I”d probably never have started …

My favourite fabric store (Mandors) came up trumps with some lovely sewing-themed fabric for the pattern and a bold royal purple for the patchwork pocket.  I didn’t think using the patterned fabric again on the pocket would work so I found some lime green in my stash.  The pocket is lined with cream fabric (also from stash).


Cutting out went well.  I’m getting into using the rotary cutter instead of scissors even when I’m working from templates (on the suggestion of my sister) and that’s certainly improving my accuracy.


The first stage of stitching was to make the pocket.  Simple enough until I realised that the lining had to be finished with ‘invisible stitching’.  Huh?  Well, YouTube came to the rescue and I made a fairly good job of it although it’s a little squint.  The pocket was then attached to the front of the apron which involved sewing round corners – something I haven’t done for a very long time.  Because of the colour contrasts I knew I had to get it right as the stitching would show.  And I think I did!


My next task was to add gathering to the waist of the apron.  I’d no idea how to do this but, again, YouTube came to the rescue.


The sashes to tie the apron were also gathered (which was fiddly) and then I had to do the waistband and facing.  This took me several attempts as I really didn’t understand the instructions.  However, I did come up with something workable (although I’m not going to show you the reverse!).  My dad’s taken a look at it and has explained how to tidy things up which is a job for a rainy day.  In the meantime, I’m wearing my special sewing apron and am well pleased with it.



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