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A Sewing Christmas


I love being a Christmas Eve baby ’cause I get two days filled with presents, one right after the other 🙂  Very often a theme seems to emerge from my gifts.  Last year’s was ‘gardening’ and this year, it was ‘sewing.’  As I’m going to be away from the garden for a while after my surgery, this is probably just as well!

My best sewing gift came from my sister and her fiancee.  I’ve been working with my grandmother’s old machine which has served me well to learn on.  But I’m now the happy owner of a Janome which even does free motion quilting.  Not that I have the first idea how to do said quilting but, hey, I don’t know how to sew on a button either!

I also have lots of other tools to try out (some of which I’ve been playing with already today), a beautiful bench for the garden and a lovely new printer which will actually work with my Mac.  So it’s been an excellent Christmas for me this year.  How was yours?


2 thoughts on “A Sewing Christmas

  1. Happy Birthday! (Bit late, but there you go!)

    Wow… Lucky you. I’m Dec 22nd and I **NEVER** got 2 pressies. I always, without fail, only got one pressie doubled up for both days. Often I would get asked which I wanted it on. One time it all went bad because foolishly, without thinking I said ‘Birthday’ and I didn’t have anything to open on Christmas morning.
    That was NOT a good year for me.

    Thankfully it was a long time ago… I can laugh about it now but parents need to be really careful having a Christmas baby!

    Not that I am bitter or anything. B-)


    • Oh, I feel for you – that must have been horrible! My parents always gave gifts for both occasions and asked other relatives to do the same. When I got older, *I* asked to roll them together so that I could choose bigger ticket items but they still made sure I had something to open both days.


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