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An Ankle of Doom Update

The saga of the AoD continues …

On Monday, my family and I decided that we’d waited long enough and, taking matters into our own hands, booked an appointment to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon privately.  So on Tuesday evening, I met Mr C.  The upshot of that is that I’ll be having surgery early in the New Year.

Apparently, when I fell from the greenhouse, I actually dislocated my ankle thereby completely rupturing my ligament.  This hasn’t healed and isn’t going to heal on its own so he’s going to reconstruct it for me.  I’ve also damaged cartilage on the opposite side of my ankle (which is what actually showed up on my second x-ray).  Mr C hopes to repair this while he’s doing the reconstruction but I need an MRI to ascertain the full extent of the injury and let him know in advance exactly what needs to be done.  The MRI will also let him look at the rest of my ankle to make sure everything is OK.  The MRI will be done on Hogmanay.

I’m feeling much more positive about the situation now things are finally progressing but am nervous about the recovery.  I’ve done a bit of reading and it seems I’ll be on crutches and ‘no weight bearing’ for at least a fortnight.  Thereafter, I’ll gradually be able to do more, start physio again and get back to my garden at the end of March/beginning of April.

The ankle will never be quite as good as it was but I shouldn’t be in constant pain and unable to walk up hills as I am at the moment.


3 thoughts on “An Ankle of Doom Update

  1. I’ll bet this won’t be cheap. O.o
    But at least you now know EXACTLY what to expect and that there will be an end to the pain.

    Are you going to be ok with the ankle? Do you have people that can help you doing chores and the like?

    Good luck!


    • No, it’s not cheap – going to cost (literally) thousands … 😦

      My mum and dad live just up the road and I already have a cleaner so I’ve got the help I need. Am just a bit worried about getting up the stairs to my flat on crutches after the surgery!


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      • The stairs could well be an issue. I doubt you will be in and out of the flat every day so I think it will just be a case of “take your time” that first day back.
        Hope it goes well.

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