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Sewing Days

The past couple of days have been sewing days.  Does anyone else find sewing totally addictive?  Anyway, I’m learning the Diamond Square block.  This is my practice:


and I’m going to be making the real one from these pieces this afternoon:


The blocks will go together to make a sampler quilt.  I have to confess that I prefer the colours I choose myself to the ones included in the project but hey ho!

I’ve also made this Nine Patch Cushion Cover.  I’m really pleased with it.  It’s almost perfect and I love the fabrics I chose for it.  It almost matches my living room suite so I may keep it although it was really intended to be a gift for someone!



3 thoughts on “Sewing Days

  1. Love your choices for quilting! Very, nice. Yes, sewing can be addictive, and I’m glad you enjoy it.

    When I was growing up, my mother made me dresses. She taught me how to sew. I loved sewing when my kids were growing up. Lots of fun and I saved a ton of money making them prom dresses from Dior patterns. I sewed quite a few bridesmaid dresses too. I don’t sew much anymore, I got bored with it after awhile. I am into wood carving now.

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