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Food Diary: 10th December 2016

Oh dear …  Yesterday was not my finest hour.  It was a Rice Cake Day.  Breakfast was fine:


But by mid-morning I was feeling so tired and un-motivated after the previous night’s medication that I decided bed was the best option.  I ate a packet of rice cakes with almond butter and slept for a few hours.  The grocery delivery came and then I went back to bed – with another packet of rice cakes (with tamari this time) for dinner.)

What’s going wrong?  It’s a sleep thing rather than a food thing.  And an ankle thing too.  Last night I took the advice of a couple of Facebook friends (one of whom is a very experienced nurse).  Even though I woke in the night and had trouble getting back to sleep, I didn’t take a second dose of temazepam.  This meant I did eat during the night (oats with Greek yoghurt and honey) but I’m feeling a lot better this morning.

So what’s today’s plan?

Butternut Squash, Chilli & Feta Frittata
One-pot Chicken & Chorizo
Skinny Smoothie


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