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Food Diary: 9th December 2016

I’m losing count of my days so we’re switching to date-titles 🙂

Yesterday’s food went well and according to plan until evening.  I wanted pizza (which is my usual Friday treat) but didn’t want to take the AoD down to the shop and back to get it.  In my wisdom, I decided to eat some cheese, take my meds and go to sleep.  The least said about the rest of the evening the better!

img_0152Bacon ‘n’ Egg Muffins with Fried Mushrooms

Cajun Salmon with Rice & Tenderstem Broccoli

The good bit of yesterday is that I did sit down and plan my food for the week ahead, wrote a shopping list and have arranged for it to be delivered this afternoon.  All is not well at the moment but the important thing is to keep going with what I know works.  I can be stubborn – and this is one of those times that I need to be!

Today’s food:

Bacon ‘n’ Egg Muffins with Fried Mushrooms
Sea Bass with Roasted Vegetables
Chilli with Smashed Avocado and Asparagus
Skinny Smoothie


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