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Planwithmechallenge: Useful Lists

cimg0921Sowing Schedule

cimg0920 Shopping Lists

The lists I used most often in my Bullet Journal are my shopping lists.  These are running lists with what I need being added to the bottom and the items being crossed off in the usual way from the top as I can afford to buy them.  I split the lists into the various stores I want to buy from.  It helps me keep track of what’s needed and also lets me tighten the reins on my spending when I need to:  OK, I can’t afford it today but I’ll put it on the list and get it when I can.  It’s a lot easier than saying:  You can’t afford it therefore you can never have it.

My Sowing Schedule is the list I’m most proud of.  This is a listing of what seeds need to be sown in which month for next year.  Those above the line are the ‘priority’ seeds – the ones I’ve bought specially and think will do particularly well.  I’ve done this before digitally but this is the first time I’ve actually written it all down.  It was an afternoon’s work but I’m very pleased with the results.  I’ll be even more pleased if I keep up with it this year – past sowing schedules have soon fallen by the wayside as work on the plot stacks up!


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