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Introducing Rock Your Handwriting

Do you ever get so locked into your own headspace that you expect the world to know what you’re thinking, what information you’re party to, where you’re at?  It’s a consequence of spending too much time alone for me.  And it happened yesterday when I posted my first (late) response to the Rock Your Handwriting December Challenge.  I just kind of assumed that since I knew all about it then everyone else did too.  Sorry!

Rock Your Handwriting is a collaboration between several bloggers but I discovered it on Boho Berry.  The challenge is to handwrite (and share pix) in response to a daily prompt thereby improving your writing.  There’s a very supportive Facebook group, I think it’s on Instagram (I haven’t got into that yet) and, of course, it’s big in the blogging community.

I had very positive comments on my ‘horrible’ writing yesterday.  I rarely handwrite for anyone else to see as I’ve had so many negative comments in the past.  But maybe the situation isn’t so bad?  I’m going to work on increasing my stamina (my hand gets tired!), standardisation and legibility.  And then I think I might try calligraphy 🙂


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