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Out with the Old


I’ve been using the Body Shop’s seaweed skincare products as I have oily-combination skin (according to the lady at the Clinique  counter a number of years ago).  Clinique’s great but expensive and I’ve always liked Body Shop products so I switched.

Anyway, my lifestyle’s changed since I visited the Clinique counter.  I tend to be outdoors in all weathers and I’ve noticed my skin getting very dry and tight.  I also develop redness as I go through a day at the plot.  I think I read somewhere that your skin dries as you get older?  Anyway, I think I’ve moved to dry-combination with a touch of sensitive.

The Body Shop doesn’t do a dry-combination system so I’ve decided to move to their aloe vera range which is designed for sensitive skin.  If that doesn’t sort me out then I’ll gird my debit card and go back to Clinique.  I used the aloe vera for the first time last night and so far, so good …


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