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Kimono Quilt


Yesterday, I took all the basting off the Kimono Quilt I’m making for my mother.  I’m incredibly pleased with it (and I hope she will be too).  It’s baby quilt sized (it’s intended to be a lap quilt for her) and the biggest project I’ve got to this stage.  I’m not very sure what comes next – square and bind, I think?  But I’m sure my sister and father will help 🙂

The next big project I intend to finish is the first that I started (over two years ago!).


It’s a Log Cabin bed runner which I’m making all my mistakes on!  And there have been plenty …  But it’s a learning process and that’s fine.  I’m at the quilting stage and have four more blocks to do.  Unfortunately, I’ve realised that I hate the cheap filling I’ve used.  Before working on the Kimono (which is filled with proper batting) I’d no idea how horrible it is!  So my plan is to sew a block each sewing day and then set it aside.  Like I said, it’s a learning experience and cheap batting will not be used again!


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