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Food Diary (Day 5)

It won’t surprise you that yesterday (also) didn’t go according to plan.

Breakfast was porridge:


As I was so tired I didn’t want to eat and couldn’t be bothered cooking.

Lunch became another smoothie (again, a ‘proper’ smoothie, not a ‘skinny’).  But it didn’t satisfy me.  In the afternoon, I was cold, tired and bored and I fell into the cheese trap.  I love cheese!  Especially if it’s melted …  The rest of the day was spent snacking on cheese, in bed and snoozing.

The good news is that I’ve maintained my weight this week, and am feeling better today after all that sleep.  Unfortunately, I haven’t defrosted what I should have last night so I’m going to deviate from my weekly plan again today.  But I am hopeful that I’ll eat better today … being awake is a definite plus!

I’ve decided to accept that, while I’m on temazepam, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to do a proper cooked breakfast.  I just don’t have the energy first thing just now.  So breakfasts will all be porridge and fruit until further notice.  It’s satisfying and sees me through to lunch.  Lunch cannot be smoothies though – I need something more substantial in my belly.  And dinner needs to be dinner or I’ll snack through the evening.

So today’s (revised) plan looks like this:

Porridge & Fruit
Soup (not sure what kind but I know there’s some in the freezer) with Rye Bread
Warm Lentil, Roasted Vegetable & Feta Salad with Grilled Lamb Steaks
Skinny Smoothie for Supper


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