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Day of Reckoning

As my food has been chaotic this week (let’s not talk about cheese, OK?) with only moments of clarity, I’m really pleased to have maintained my weight.

This is an old pattern for me – as I’ve said before, it takes me a while to make changes.  If I remember correctly, psychologists talk about a process of change from denying you need to change at all, deciding to change and finally actually making those changes.  At the moment I’m in ‘deciding to change’ and trying to get to ‘making those changes.’  I’ve been here before and will make the move over the next few weeks.  I really appreciate your support while I’m doing so (and especially the 30 lovely people who’re now following my blog).

The good news is that I have been eating ‘proper’ food.  Aside from a wander into the Land of Pizza and Dessert on Friday (soon I’ll be organised enough to make my own …) my food has been clean and I’m proud of that.


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