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Windmill Block

I made my practice block a couple of weeks ago and then (honestly!) forgot about it and moved on to other projects …


As with other ‘join the points in the middle’ blocks I’ve tried, I haven’t quite got the technique and they’re a couple of millimetres off.  But they are better than Trafalgar.

Today I made the Windmill block for my Art of Quilting sampler quilt:


Again, the points are slightly off so there’s more practice required.  But that’s OK – I’m enjoying myself.

I also did quite a bit of work on the Kimono Quilt:


I’m proud to report that I’m now finished hand-quilting it.  (The quilt top is machined.)  This is the second biggish item I’ve made and the first for which I’ve completed the quilting.  I’ve the first I made still to finish …  I’ve still to take out the basting but, when that’s done (tomorrow?) there will be photos!  And then work on this project will grind to a halt for a while.  Because this is the furthest I’ve gone with a project I don’t really know what comes next.  Square it and bind it?  But how?  Fortunately, my sister has been here before me and has promised to send instructions!


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