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Food Diary (Day 4)

Feeling a lot happier now I’m back on track.  My belly is full and I’ve felt satisfied all day.  I was still really sleepy this morning and slept late (down to 5mg temazepam and going for 2.5mg tonight).  I had wanted to go into town so I didn’t cook what I’d intended for breakfast but just microwaved a bowl of porridge instead:


Lunch didn’t quite go according to plan either.  The chicken I’d defrosted had sat in the fridge too long and smelled … unpleasant … so I had a smoothie.  Instead of going for a ‘skinny’ with just almond milk and protein powder, I made a proper one with healthy fat, fibre, protein and a superfood and it was delicious.

By dinnertime I was starting to get tired (or was I hungry?) and was very tempted just to freeze the lamb leg steaks and have more porridge or another smoothie but I girded my loins and made what I’d intended – Warm Lentil, Roasted Vegetables and Feta Salad with Grilled Lamb Steaks:


It was a great success and I doubt I’ll be wanting much for supper … If I do then it will just be a fruit and protein smoothie.

Tomorrow’s intended food is:

Banana & Fig Sweet Omelette

Caramelised Lemon & Herb Salmon with Sweet Potato & Feta

Grilled Halloumi, Rocket & Courgette Salad

All recipes are courtesy of Clean Eating Alice.


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