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The Ankle of Doom


At the end of December last year, I fell out of a greenhouse.  I know that sounds bizarre but it really happened.  My ankle kind of collapsed underneath me as I landed and, oh, the pain!  I’m not given to swooning but I really thought I’d faint.  Or be sick.  Or both.

By the time I was travelling home, I could feel my ankle swelling inside my boot so I decided to visit the hospital.  The ankle was examined and x-rayed and pronounced ‘sprained but not broken.’  I was sent home with a leaflet, some ibuprofen and tubigrip.  The picture above was taken the next day and it continued to look (and feel) worse over the next few days.

Since then, I’ve been up and down to my GP complaining of pain and lack of movement.  I was referred for Physiotherapy in April and told I’d ruptured a ligament.  But things didn’t really improve.  I was still on painkillers, still in pain, still lacking movement and my balance was terrible.

About three weeks ago, I saw I new Physio.  He sent me straight back to my GP to request another x-ray (and better pain relief).  I got the results of that x-ray back yesterday – the ankle’s actually fractured.  It’s ‘cracked where your foot meets your leg’, according to my GP.  So I’ve been walking about on a broken ankle for the better part of a year.  No wonder I’m in so much pain!

Apparently what happens next is that I wait for an Orthopaedic appointment and this could take 6 – 8 weeks.

I will be complaining to the NHS.  I will be taking co-codamol as prescribed.  And I will be needing some support as I’m feeling, to use a Scots word, scunnered.


2 thoughts on “The Ankle of Doom

  1. Initial fractures can be missed on x-ray. If the pain persists, a second x-ray 10-14 days later will confirm a fracture with a healing “cloud” or “fog” seen in the area surrounding the fracture.
    I can’t believe they let you go a year without re-evaluation.

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