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Trafalgar Block

Version 2

I finished my second attempt at a ‘Trafalgar’ block yesterday (Sunday).  I’m not particularly happy with it – not all the points join in the centre – and there’s another mistake.  Can you spot it?

I also did some work on a lap-quilt I’m making for my mother:


This one I am pleased with.  It’s the second quilt I’ve made (a Kimono quilt based on Disappearing Nine Patch block) and will probably be the first I finish.  It’s not perfect but the patchwork design is much more forgiving.  I’m hand quilting it at the moment with the aid of William-cat.


10 thoughts on “Trafalgar Block

  1. Are you sure that the points not meeting up in the center is a mistake? If it was perfect, it wouldn’t look handmade. And I looked and looked, but I can’t spot the other mistake. 🙂


  2. No, they’ll lie flat once they’re sewn into the quilt. The four squares are meant to be identical but one of them is the wrong way round! Some mistakes are OK (and I like the way you think) but I really did want my points to line up 🙂

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      • Oh no, didn’t think you were picking on me at all 🙂 I’m just glad that you’re interested and being friendly. I’m a new quilter and the block is part of a course I’m doing, hence the importance of the points since that was the point of the lesson. I’ll get there in the end …

        You are right though – on some quilts little errors actually work. The Kimono quilt (the one William is sitting on) isn’t perfect either but it works and I love it 🙂

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  3. William is a rescue cat. When he first came to live with me, he spent a fortnight hiding under my curtains in the living room. I talked to him every day and *eventually* he started purring in response and I said he was ‘Sweet’ and then I added ‘William’. He’s fully recovered now and is more of a ‘Wicked Willie Wonka.’

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