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Off the Wagon

A year ago yesterday I had my first appointment with an Eating Disorders Psychologist.  The sessions went very well.  I found out a lot about myself, changed the behaviour that took me there, and have lost about 2.5 stones (35lbs) since that time.  The journey took me into the world of ‘clean eating’ or, as I call it, Eating with Integrity.  And I’m proud of the progress I’ve made.  My goal for 2017 is to lose another 2 stones (28lbs) without fasting.

Yesterday I had quite a major lapse.  I decided to buy a tin of Roses as a thank you gift for someone I’ll see today.  And I really didn’t think anything of it – barring the odd dessert eaten in company, I’ve been choosing not to eat that kind of ‘food’ for a long time.  Anyway, I prefer Quality Street …

Well, the Roses are gone.

We all have our own reasons for over-eating – I was tired, dinner wasn’t satisfying, I was cold.  Excuses 9 through 16.

Once upon a time, I’d have beaten myself up and probably not eaten for a couple of days to compensate.  But that’s changed.  I’ve learned I can’t keep a large amount of chocolate in the house overnight.  Perhaps I never can.  I’ve learned that I’m still vulnerable when I’m tired, hungry and cold.  And, judging by the feel of my stomach, I’m reminded that I’d really rather eat healthily and feel well the next day.

I’m still proud of the progress I’ve made.  And my goal is still to lose another 2 stones in 2017.


7 thoughts on “Off the Wagon

  1. You’re developing the mental attitude necessary for succeeding for the LONG TERM. Learning from “failure” is the way to progress forward. Understanding that keeping large quantities of chocolate in the house is too tempting is a learning lesson. It only becomes a REAL MISTAKE if you CHOOSE to REPEAT the same situation.

    Not beating yourself up is a wise decision. Increasing stress only adds obstacles to overcome. Stay positive and motivated to achieve GOOD HEALTH as the GOAL. A number on a scale commonly produces SHORT TERM SUCCESS. Once the number is reached, they typically reward themselves with unhealthy foods and fall back into destructive patterns of behavior. GOOD HEALTH is an ongoing GOAL that INCLUDES healthy weight as part of the plan. This keeps us motivated for the rest of our lives.

    As a physician that has worked with many patients dealing with this topic, I will gladly offer my experience (without asking for any compensation) should you ever request it. If you would like to better understand my philosophy about health feel free to visit my blog site at https://AllAboutHealthyChoices.wordpress.com

    Keep up the positive attitude and recognize the VALUE in YOURSELF.


  2. Coming forward and expressing your personal struggles can be tough. I give you a lot of credit for writing about this experience and you will have others who can relate and feel comfortable reading your articles. I just want to let you know how amazing you are for doing this! Great blog and keep giving it your best. You got this! You can do anything you put your mind to. Some of the best advice I can give you is that it will help a great deal if you have an amazing support group. Not friends and family that judge or make you feel any less of a person because you have struggled in the past and are still having some “slips” but a devoted support system who will let you know you had a slip but you can do better from that point on and really encourage you in a positive way. Also, a slip doesn’t mean you have to move backwards, you have already recognized that it wasn’t a wise decision based on how your body felt later on. I’m very glad you have a specialist that can help you through it all, that’s extremely important. You’re taking the proper steps to be living a healthier life and you have already done so well.

    I’m very new to this and just did my introduction today. My plans are to blog about coping with invisible illnesses and diseases as I was born with a rare genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos, I also want to blog on mental health, and the greiving aspect of losing a loved one. I want to turn my negative experiences into something positive for others. I feel as if I can help one person in the world than my goal is accomplished. I still have a lot of learning to do about this blogging life, lol.

    I have followed you to check up on your updates. If you would like to check my introduction out please do so at : Expressit2017.wordpress.com

    Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your blogging.



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